Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mouse in da house

Great. I THINK we have a mouse in the house. I haven't seen it with my own eyes, but other person living in the house saw it (small and innocent) in his room. In the room which is on the same floor as ours. How the hell did she manage to get on the second floor completely abandoning nice cosy kitchen downstairs and take on an Everest climb of numerous stairs? Maybe she is a magician mouse sent by mistake and by now she disappeared to an Amazon jungle? Or a special-trained newest-generation spy? Or maybe she just possesses some extraordinary abilities like climbing the wall using her little disgusting tail? Today a trap will be bought and we will try to bribe her with some Cheddar and Gouda cheese. We’ll see which she prefers better.

In the previous flat during 4 years of living there we only once encountered a meeting with a mouse. I remember when Boyfriend wasn't feeling very well and was already in bed when I (perfect girlfriend) went to kitchen to get him some water. Kitchen was small (we didn't even have a table/chairs so we ate in the living room) and dark. The doors were closed because there was laundry going on in the washing machine. I opened the door, turn on the lights and... I saw HER. On the floor, just by the sink. Looking at ME. I shrieked - not because I was scared, but because it was just such a surprise! Then I quickly closed the door in time to catch a glimpse of her running frantically in the opposite direction. We immediately called her Suzy in memory of Phoebe's mouse (from Friends). We even considered keeping her as a pet, but abandoned this idea pretty quickly. We are just DYING to have a pet - especially dog. My little dog is living with Mother back home and I love him and miss him so, so, so much. Boyfriend was always surrounded by dogs, so we are used to have some furry friends. Unfortunately it is impossible for now and will be for next couple of years. But a girl can dream.

Anyway, Suzy was a very polite visitor living her little 'gifts' everywhere in the kitchen and scaring me (almost) to death in the living room when surfing on the Internet. The traps were not really working and she ate insane amount of Boyfriend's favourite cheese which was sent especially for him from Poland. EVERYONE makes fun of him because of that. 

Finally a day came when a trap was moving! But to our astonishment it was not Suzy in the trap, but TWO even smaller mice. Then we realized that Suzy was kind of pregnant when she first visited and now her offspring also decided to become visitors. So the efforts to catch them all (but how many exactly?) intensified. Sometimes in the morning we were finding two in the trap and sometimes no-one (but the cheese was still eaten anyway). Boyfriend was releasing them away from our flat, but always in the same place, because I was panicking that they may never find each other. Once when he was opening the trap to check how many are hidden, one just jumped out on his hand, he shrieked like a tiny little girl (I still tease him about that) and run away. But all good things come to an end and the day came when we caught Suzy. She could barely fit in the trap she was so huge. It was obvious that she didn't loose those post-pregnancy pounds because she looked more like a rat than a mouse. We released her and that was end of it.

I told Mother the story when everything was over. She is just panicking when she even hears that a mouse might have been in the place where she is/lives/visits. She is just so afraid of it that I could never get a hamster or guinea pig, because to her they look exactly the same. I am not personally frightened by mice, although their tail - thin and naked - is pretty disgusting. On the other hand, I am PETRIFIED by spiders, but that's different story.

I hope we will catch our present Suzy 2.0 quickly and release her safely, before she will find this poisonous food in the vacuum cupboard.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New opportunity?

OK, so tomorrow I have interview with an agent about some paralegal job which involves Polish speaker. Well known American law firm, so would look great on my CV. Keep the fingers crossed please! I'm only worried that this is a really temporary job, so in a month or two I would have to start looking all over again and be in the same miserable position. But at least I'd have some more experience then. Also, I still have no response from the interview I had last week (Publishing Assistant job). The more I think about it, the better it looks, but I don't want to keep my hopes up as it probably won't work out.

Medicine and litres of Earl Grey helped me and I no longer feel pain in my throat. Only thing which worries me is that I am not eating lately. For the person who can finish everything from her plate and eat dessert this is really unusual. I survive on one or two sandwiches... Normally this is like a snack for me! Not that it REALLY bothers me - I have to lose some weight - but I think that this is not a healthy way of doing it. It is the stress which takes toll on me...

Monday, 27 September 2010

Autumn flu

I guess that the autumn wind is not only blowing leaves in the park, but is also busy with spreading viruses and bacteria... I feel my throat getting sorer every minute and I don't think I will bribe it with honey and lemon. I need to take more powerful artilery in the form of Lemsip (one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted. EVER) and other painkillers.  I will give in, snuggle on bed, make some tea (as Mother says - drink some liquids, drink tea/honey and lemon/soup/more tea/water and then drink some more), watch some cheap entertainment and probably read a book which was delivered today. See? I'm not making ANY plans to read the book, it is just convenient that I'll be probably sick and down with a flu for next couple of days (or hours - depends how long does it take to read it). 

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Experienced student?

Well I blew my chances for a second interview. I was so shocked that after many phone calls the agent finally answered that my tongue was tangled and so I blabbed incoherently. To top that, my stupid phone went dead in the middle! I feel so stupid!!! Why is it always like that - I have my chance and don't really take it? 

No plans for today. Will look for some jobs, but I've already been twice on the standard-look-for-job websites and there's nothing. I mean, there are jobs for those with experience. So what that I really can learn fast and am smart. No one wants me. On the other hand, after coming to a foreign country for study when being 18, living here for 5 years and being now 23 - when should I've gotten some excellent experience. This is what really pisses me off. Everyone expects me to have experience at the top firms, but how could I've done it when I was studying?

Monday, 20 September 2010

First Official Interview

I should write since adrenaline is still pumping through my veins and I can still feel my feet from wearing these incredibly high (but also cute) heels. Well, I am still alive. The interview was not at all as scary as I thought it would be! I arrived early - as always. I am ALWAYS punctual and just HATE when someone is late. So I demand nothing less from someone else than from myself. There was a time when I was living in Poland my relationship with the Boyfriend was still at the beginning when he was constantly late for every date. I just hated it and had few words with him about that. Since then, I have trained (taught) Boyfriend that being late shows no respect, is rude and will not get you anywhere (especially with me).

Well... so I was on time. In painfully high heels. Black and patent. Just the ones you should wear on your interview. I sat, I've been given IQ test. The nemesis I was so scared of. 50 questions. 15 minutes. Pass mark is 50%. Vast majority of people do not finish all questions on time. And the first question was asking about prologue - what is it (beginning, note about author, ending). SERIOUSLY? Right then and there I knew I'm gonna be fine. And I was. Of course there were questions with numbers and calculations, but I've either: omitted/guessed/tried to answer them. And then was a psychometric test (without a pass mark, duh?!) which I don't even know what it is for. And then was... actual interview! Something I was not prepared for, because I was sure to fail IQ test! 

The interviewing lady was really nice, I made her laugh and I was answering honestly. The position is for a fixed term, so I had no problem with being honest. I wasn't nervous, it didn't feel like an interview to me. I was in a familiar area, talking about studying nearby, going to the shop across the street and being myself. (Which is being pretty AWESOME, but I think she got that straightaway.) At the end she told me that she has a couple of interviews lined up this week and I should know something next week. This means that I was the first one to be interviewed for the position. I hope I will be the measure for the rest of them!

I slowly, very slowly start to believe that 'When the door closes, another window opens'. Just when being stuck on the tube on my way to the interview, I've checked my BlackBerry for messages of encouragement and wishes of good luck. To my astonishment I've found a reply e-mail for the position I've applied last week. I was hoping (i.e. praying) for someone to get back to me on that one. Seems pretty challenging but great. I've called the agent, but he was busy and still didn't call me back. Anyway, I hope I'll talk to him soon and schedule another interview. 

It is an universal truth that you can be the best person for the job, but not know how to present yourself during the interview. It is a technique that needs to be learned and practiced like any other skill. I just hope I'm good at it. Good enough to secure a job one day.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

IQ tests? No thanks!

I have interview on Monday. My first serious interview. I try not to put hopes up, but I would do ANYTHING, ANYTHING to get the job. It's part-time and sounds really interesting. The only downside is that I have to take IQ and psychometric tests to get a proper interview. And this is a hard part. 

I don't know what it is with me, but I just never get IQ answers right. I am aware that I am intelligent, clever and smart. I read a lot and can have a decent conversation about fashion, computers, geography or world history. But when you give me triangle, circle and square and ask what should be next - I just guess. Je ne comprend pas! Or numbers - what is with numbers? - six, eight, nineteen and sixty-four - what will be next? No idea. Plus, it's been years (thank God!) since I've studied maths, so now even more complex calculation is a bit of a challenge for me. That's why calculator was invented for crying out loud!!! 

Anyway, I am more stressed out about these tests than the actual interview. I just hope I'll pass, be fabulous and enchant them all with my inner charm and get a job. Otherwise people may find me in the next few weeks wandering around London streets with the insane look in my eyes. Seriously. I need some project. Few books from amazon came yesterday with a couple of more to follow. But I want to go out and meet some new people and actually do something with my life and my brain. Just no more maths please!

Monday, 13 September 2010

VB Collection S/S 2011

Can I just say - I am DROOLING over the Victoria Beckham's collection at New York Fashion Week. It is amazing. The simplicity is simply amazing. Although she has no professional fashion training it can be easily spotted that she does possess a taste and knowledge that no book can ever teach. A true example of the fact that some things cannot be thought at school. I know the celebrities have fallen in love with her designs, but what I personally love about them is that they are timeless. And the only timeless designer for me - who is sitting on the highest throne at the Temple of Fashion is Coco Chanel. That is a huge comparison. 


With her new collection and introduction of splashes of colour from her usual monochrome stylisations she goes an extra mile. Just like some commentators say - the simplicity of her projects is what it makes it really stand out among the others. Don't get me wrong - j'adore lavish creations of Dior, but let's face it - unfortunately we won't wear Galliano's dresses to work! On the other hand, Vicotria's dresses are just perfect - simple and classic. I hope her every collection will continue to amaze me with some (un)usual details.

Another day, another failure

Why when we really, really want something it is so hard to get?! Honestly, God knows I've paid my dues. And now I have to be patient and wait? I don't know how long I can do that. It is so hard knowing everyone around you thinks about it when they are talking to you, you think about it every minute of every day. And each morning I wake up with a delusional hope that today something may change. I have no idea what else I can do. I have no strength to do all this anymore. Somehow I have to live and function. With this HUGE elephant in a room.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Clouds, clouds everywhere

Why is that when the weekend comes and you can finally go outside and have some fun with your friends it's raining and cloudy. Not fair. Really not fair. So I'm forced to spend time indoors. I may go for a quick bike ride, so hopefully it won't be raining! Phew!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Just my luck

Why is that every day I am getting lucky - small things like finding that extra money in a pocket, buying something I want to eat REALLY badly (i.e. ice cream etc.) on sale or those fantastic River Island shoes without closing part (i.e. 50% off) and I still look gloomy and angry. Time to change that and look on the more positive parts of life and whole planet in general. So... the tube strike today forced to take me a much longer route for my NIN appointment - but I was forced to go to Camden which normally I visit once a year, because it's never on the way. So what that I had to go to a different station - at least I went in a nice, new carriage and I was sitting a whole way So what that the stupid woman at the bank was unhelpful and nasty - I got a really nice one for my NIN appointment. So what that I got a bill for energy and gas that nearly got me killed (heart attack) - somehow someone will be able to pay it. So what that there was raining today - I had merely a couple of droplets on me - without taking any umbrella! Shocking! And I even cooked my own dinner - as a person who HATES, absolutely HATES cooking it is quite an achievement! 

Monday, 6 September 2010

SkyRide 2010

What can I say? It was simply awesome!!! Truly amazing feeling when you cycle around London's most famous landmarks on your bike! Total freedom and smile on your face all day long! Nothing else matters - it's just you, your bike and tens of thousands other people around you - with the same smiles. 

It is great when you cycle and look around and all you can see is a massive crowd with none car in sight! And it is surprisingly easy and fast to get from one place to another - (central) London is really, really small. Even tiny some may say... We managed to cycle from St James Park, next to Big Ben on the Embankment right up to the Tower of London. Coming back, we decided to elope on to the other side of the river, which ended in a slalom between pedestrians. After driving up to the London Eye we decided to come back to the proper, bike-friendly side. In the meantime we saw a couple of dogs with their owners cycling, A LOT of kids on the tiny bikes and even some weird looking tandems and machines comparable only with some gym equipment (one was similar to rowing one). 

Going home wasn't so easy when it turned out that we cannot take Bakerloo line and of course Metropolitan line was closed during the weekend. In the end we cycled through Hyde Park and Kensington to get to the overground station. From there, we only managed to get to Westfield. I have no idea how I managed to cycle from Westfield to Willesden Junction. Over 30km in one day! I am aching now. But it was worth it. I just feel angry at myself that I was getting so nervous and impatient. It felt soooo good to come back, eat and then sleep for 10 hours!

Friday, 3 September 2010


Very often people ask the question: "Do you believe in destiny?". I do. I think that sometimes there are too many coincidences to think that it was just a pot of luck which brought something together. And I'm not talking about only love. Friendship. Studies. Memories. Of course we all choose a path, but I think we are restricted to the small choices. The Bigger Plan is out there and working. The nano-elementsof our world are working, working, working to make it happen.

Don't get me wrong. I firmly believe that each one of us makes own choices and it is why we are unique in each and every sense, but some things are just meant to happen. Like the fact that I might have gone to a different school or decided in the last minute to change the degree. 

Everything is connected in the universe, a butterfly effect. I believe in that too. Because I can see with my own eyes that a simple act of goodness brings good in people and evil actions can only spread evil. Even though it's been years, I still remember "Butterfly Effect" the movie. I remember being shocked and astonished that even the smallest actions can matter to the world. Now I am careful not to destroy living things and to be nice. As simple as that and shouldn't cost anything.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lanvin for H&M

I am so excited! On 23 November Lanvin collection for H&M will be available in stores! I cannot wait! J'adore Lanvin! The materials, colours, dresses... Ever since Carrie wore Lanvin dresses I've fallen in love! This is truly one of the most influential designers and I have no doubt that the collection will be amazing. On 2 November the collection will be presented! A faboulous idea - just like the last time with the Jimmy Choo collection I will select the things I want and then memorize them to recite in the middle of the night! 

For a long time I was wondering who may collaborate with H&M on the next big collection. To this day I think that the most successful (in my humble opinion) was Roberto Cavalli. I wasn't so much disappointed with Jimmy Choo as I have a fabbest bag on which everyone compliments me. However, I will learn from Agnes's mistake and buy pieces which are universal and can last a lifetime. Black patent heels - check. Sonia Rykiel was a disappointment. Even the campaign didn't really convince me. Big, big hair of the models and extremely plain designs were not something I was hoping for. 

I just hope Lanvin collection will bring lots of pearls, tutus, ribbons and amazing cuts and tailoring. Signature style please! And the fact that Lanvin wants to make H&M a luxury, makes this even more exciting!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

And a little trip inside my mind/what goes inside your head when you cannot find a job

It is official. I really am going insane! No job, no interviews, no motivation, no point in waking up and getting out of bed. You name it - I've been there and done that. BF issues - check, parents issues - check, friends issues - check, bad hair days - check... And only now I hear that the very last one of my close friends got a work experience. Can the day get better than that?! And I still didn't hear from the Trainee AA job, only another agency called today (success - second one in total!).

I don't know what else to do. I seriously don't. Thank God BF has a job, otherwise we would be screwed. Real bad. How long does it take to find a freakin' job?! And it's not that I am some kind of stupid/illiterate person. I learn fast, I am nice.

Each day I wake up thinking that I wish this day wouldn't start. Each day I have a hope that something will change. But in the evening, it's Welcome Back to LoserVille. I feel ashamed, I feel like I don't deserve anything - fun, sun, a smile, dancing. This Friday (Domi's bday celebrations) is going to be hard. Especially now - when I know that Kami found work experience. And I'm still sitting on the couch. Just like yesterday and tomorrow.
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