Mes Amies

Girl I know since my first day at uni. We lost touch for a couple of years, but then started partying, drinking and (most importantly) shopping. She is my other half of the Shopping Soul. Every time we enter Topshop or any other store we end up running to the same clothes and end up buying the exact same stuff. She has an amazing fashion sense (obviously). One time we bought each other exactly the same earrings as Christmas gifts to each other without even knowing.

I love her. She is a true friend with good advice, fantastic ideas. With her everything is an adventure. She is very attractive, petite like me and simply fun. We were in the same group for 3 years at uni. With her I’ve explored various clubs and bars and developed passion for Watermelon Martinis with daydreaming about being a lawyer for Chanel or Gucci (free bags and clothes are welcome!). She had to leave London, because she is not from the EU and had  previous work commitments in her home country. I miss her very much.

My first and only grown-up friend. Also met at uni – when standing and talking to my friend near the library. She is already married to a nice fellow, has her own flat, mortgage and is pregnant! She is an only child – just like me – so we often talk about parents and more grown-up stuff. It’s a pity she lives on the exactly opposite side of London, so when we meet it’s always in Central London. She is little and got a fantastic bargain when she has bought her Swarovski encrusted wedding shoes at the major department store's girls section!

She is my BFF. I can tell her anything and everything and she knows some of my deepest secrets. She won’t judge, simply smile and always, always, always tell me to stay positive. She is very attractive and has boys queuing every time we go out. She is a soul of a party, centre of attention and my bestest drinking buddy. We always diet plan together and moan about the world. I only met her in September 2009, but it’s as if I’ve known her all my life. Even our surnames are similar and we both come from cities in Poland which are not very far from each other. We both agree that fate brought us together.

My oldest (in terms of age - she would kill me for saying that) and fittest friend. Declared insomniac who can survive on sleeping 3-4 hours for 3 weeks. She’s extremely emotional and knows how to use it to her own advantage (emotional blackmail). I do like her – she would give you and help you with everything that she can, but she is VERY full of herself and has no humility whatsoever. She thinks she is the best in everything and never takes no for an answer.

Dom-dom’s BFF for 5 years. I met her shortly after I met Dom-dom and we hit it off. I’m lucky she likes me, because she is the one who allows people into her life. She says what she means and can be brutally honest. Corporate worker who goes swimming on Monday morning and thinks it makes up for working out for the rest of the week. Her support really helps me now, when I’m trying to find a job. She is not fond of ECH (to say the least).

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