Friday, 1 April 2011

Madame de Pompadour - costume talk

I have no idea how I'm going to go clubbing tomorrow and before travel to Kent and meet AW's baby boy. My feet HURT. I went for the PT session in the morning, came back, took a shower and went to The Wallace Collection. My feet hurt when I stepped outside the door, going to the tube. So now, they're like numb. 

I wanted to cycle to The Wallace Collection, but of course the weather in London is so unpredictable that it was sunny and warm, when I took my winter jacket, scarf, gloves and... umbrella! It is just confirmation of the rule that when I take umbrella with me, it almost never rains. 

At The Wallace Collection I've spent almost an hour taking part in a costumed talk about Madame de Pompadour's life as mistress to the King of France and as  a great patroness of the arts. The lady was dressed in a beautiful dress, had a full make-up on and even her hair was styled! It was really great and I'm so happy that I went to see it. Some of the things I already knew from the Tour we went together with the Boyfriend on Sunday, but most of them were totally new. I checked out a bookstore at the museum, but sadly there was nothing on Madame de Pompadour, only Marie-Antoinette. 

unfortunately picture made from the museum's booklet
Later, I went all the way down from Bond Street to Tottenham Court Road - all the way down the Oxford Street. I stopped at Body Shop to buy little gift for AW, Boyfriend bought another gifts for her husband and son. Feels weird saying that she has a son. I ate a small lunch at the nice little park, right next to the WarnerBross London office. 

that's where I had lunch...
...sitting on this bench
Then I decided to go to Foyles and Blackwells (two nearby bookstores) and search something about Madame de Pompadour - all in all, it was her day today. But even though I've checked the websites before, there was nothing. Again, only about Marie-Antoinette and not even the books I've read about on Amazon (I'm addicted to the Amazon reviews). 

Besides, my cupcake bag was so heavy, that I already felt like a camel. Going back home from the tube was one of the longest walks of my life. Now, I only want to go to sleep.

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