Friday, 6 May 2011

Marie Antoinette costume talk

Today I went to the Wallace Collection to see the Marie Antoinette costume talk. Last month, I was very happy listening to Madame de Pompadour sharing her life and fashion tips, so this time I was eager to see what Marie-Antoinette has to offer. 

I am huge fan of the Queen of France. Of course she made some mistakes, but how could she not, being taken away from her family to a foreign country where she didn't know anybody and being barely 14. The talk was interesting, even though I already knew most of the things. Unfortunately it was very short - too short for my likening and that was the biggest disappointment. 

Afterwards, I wasn't keen on going shopping on Oxford Street on Friday afternoon  - it's literally madness out there. I decided to read a book in the sun. It's supposed to be the most controversial book of the year (to say the least) and tells a story of a girl being in love with the paedophile - Tiger, Tiger: A Memoir by


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