Thursday, 14 October 2010

For my dog a glass is always half empty

A recent discovery proved something I knew for a long, long time. Dogs really have their own unique personalities and can be divided into optimists and pessimists. The research was based on the eternal question of whether the glass is half full or half empty. It was exposed that the dogs which are more optimistic rarely wailed and howled when an owner was leaving the house. On the contrary, pessimists were more prone to crying and whimpering, because they felt abandoned and didn't think that owner may come back.

As for my dog - Krecik (this is his Polish name - similar to a famous Czech cartoon called Krtek, or Krteček; English translation is little mole (animal); actually the history of Krecik's name is a story for another post) there are few things you now for sure. He. Is. Always. Whimpering. When. Mother. Leaves. She is a pack-leader as Cesar Millan would say - gives the food. On the other hand, I am treated as a lowest, most insignificant member of the pack, even though I give him treats! I'm someone you go to when you are in a bad mood or the bone/soup (Mother is always cooking for him)/meat does not taste good enough and simply bite - because you have nothing else better to do. Krecik is widely renown in my family for his temper and tantrums. Mother and me often joke that he is a little "character". He is stubborn - the story of me teaching him to give paw is famous in our circles! - and does not forget easily.

His howling is epic. It doesn't matter if he is inside or outside The Mansion, just always the minute Mother disappears around the corner - he delivers. We have very patient neighbours who never complained, but believe me - if around 6-7am on Saturday or Sunday morning something like this wakes you up your life will never be the same. To make matters worse, when I jump out of my bed in pyjamas, rush down the stairs from the first floor, through the corridor with half-open eyes, then down more stairs through the porch and open the door very loudly and he sees me - BUSTED! - he makes an incredibly fast run to his Dog House. And you can't get him out of that. He knows he is doing wrong and he is not supposed to do that. Mother busted him a few times when she forgot something and came back - he was so into howling that he didn't see her coming. If you think this might have taught him something, you're wrong - he pretends he is innocent!

 Krecik: look at me - I'm so cute and innocent!

After speaking with various vets, friends, other dog owners, etc., etc. it turns out he will never stop it. It is too late for him (he is about 7-8 years old) and his stubbornness will prevent any attempts of teaching him good manners. Oh well, c'est la vie - a whole neighbourhood already knows him anyway...

Boyfriend's parents recently adopted a mixture of the Grate Dane and Rottweiler/Doberman called Sara. Being only 4 months apparently doesn't stop you from eating sandwiches off the table! Her paws are enormous and at the moment Boyfriend's parents are desperately trying to teach her not to sleep on the sofa, armchairs and beds. Apparently the minute someone gets up in the morning the bed doesn't even get cold when she's already in it! Love it!


  1. Rzeczywiście, słodka i niewinna minka :))

  2. Oj, to 'teściowie' będą mieć wielkiego psa :)
    A ja mam cichą nadzieję, że jak dorobimy się pieska to będzie optymistą ;)

  3. I never thought about it but you're right! My pit bull, Daisy was a 'half full' girl. She was 17 when she passed away and never changed!

  4. I guess my little guy falls into the optimistic side of life, never howls, never sad, tail is always going... however, for hours each night, I am his official chew toy... Perhaps that is why he is so happy. Nothing like taking a chunk out of mommy every day!

    Great post!



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