Saturday, 2 October 2010

London's BFF is leaving

On Tuesday evening my London's BFF is leaving. AM is stepping on the plane and going back to her home country, far, far away in the land of oil and Caspian Sea. I still cannot believe it. She is a first true friend I met here and she's been here for me for the last 5 years. I can always count on her - opinion, advice or simply a pat on the back when I'm feeling low. She is smart, funny and sexy and can be friends with anyone.

I will always remember the day I met her. It was a first meeting of our group. Back then none of us didn't know that we will be together for 3 years at uni. I was already in class, sulking under the wall, when she walked in with a confident smile and we started to chat. We always had something to talk about... Making presentations, discussing topics or simply sneaking to H&M instead of going to the Tort Law lecture. Dreaming about newest and fabulous Topshop bags and going for lunches. 

It was a comfort to know that I can call her or text (or rather BBM) her anytime, anywhere and she will always answer with her "Hi sweetie!" - just like me. It was a comfort to know that she lives just 25 minutes from my place and I can make a quick phone call and be there in less than half an hour. 

I will miss so many things that I cannot write them all down. Our famous Watermelon Martinis at Cocoon sitting at the bar or on the comfy sofas and drinking, drinking, drinking and talking, talking, talking. About our families, countries, the way we live, fashion, bags, complaining about the course we've chosen and later dreaming about working in Chanel or Gucci as the in-house lawyers (and that our bonuses would be trips for Paris Fashion Week or Chanel 2.55)...

Clubbing with AM is second to none. She is so funny (especially after few drinks), dances like a pro and ALWAYS turns down every single guy who approaches her with her famous hand gesture. (It is sort of a "Zzzzzz" by Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element. And the movie is AM's favourite movie of all times!) It is always entertaining to watch how the guy backs away.

There will be no more Halloween parties when we are dressing in scary cute outfits and after dancing in Tiger Tiger we go home to watch some horror movies when everyone is asleep. There will be no more emergency calls of what to wear and how to do your make-up. Or sharing make-up tricks... Visits with Starbucks in hand and sitting on the bench in a park discussing current affairs or simply gossiping about our mutual friends. 

I will miss her so much and I still cannot believe it is actually happening. I just hope that everything AM planned will work out and she'll come back to London next year. Or even in two years time. But she has to and she will come back. What is left for us now is planning NYE in Rio de Janeiro next year when we'll save some money.


  1. Taki przyjaciel to prawdziwy skarb!

  2. Wyrazy współczucia z powodu wyjazdu BFF, ale co z Twoimi interviews? Odezwała się wreszcie pani, która rozśmieszyłaś? Chyba już powinna:D
    Trzymam kciuki, Oliwka


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