Monday, 18 October 2010

Mother's dreams vs reality

Mother had a dream last week. Very weird, but I don't question her dreams - they're usually so extraordinary that I consider her psychic. She has a lot of dreams about people who she knew and they died. And the same person appears in the dreams until she goes to church and lights up a candle in their memory. She had a fantastic friend during university, who died in some tragic accident. Even though Mother dreamt about her a couple times, this friend still wasn't letting go until she actually prayed for her soul! Mother dreamt about her parents being happy, shortly after they died. I never had any dreams about Grandparents. I only remember once when I was 13 or 14 I had a dream that Mother was in a coffin, dead and wearing her wedding dress. I woke up in tears and rushed downstairs crying so she could comfort me. 

Mother's dreamt last week that I was driving the tractor. I was driving it very, very slowly, so slowly that Mother finally got impatient and got out of the tractor-trailer behind. I was looking really happy didn't pay notice to anything Mother was saying. But this dream is a good sign. I firmly believe so. I've even checked it in the Dream-Book, even though I never do such a thing, and it turns out that the meaning is that slowly, my life will become stable! I truly hope it must be true! 

I am still looking for work, recently there were no call-backs. But today, just before I went to the Tanning Shop (I simply have to change my blueish/greyish skin, because it doesn't scream healthy!) I got a call from agent who will forward my CV and later, in the bookstore I almost got a heart attack when I listened to my voice mail. Next Monday I have an interview in an amazing place. One or two years working there will get me any position I'd want in the industry I want to work! So this week all my plans for Spanish and French language certificates are put aside and I concentrate on studying. I don't want to put my hopes up, but I AM excited. I'll be at least notices and even if I won't land this position, maybe they'll offer me something else now or in the future?


  1. Great news! Best of luck with the interview!

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