Thursday, 21 October 2010

What to wear: Halloween Edition

Every day is a never-ending saga of What to wear (My wardrobe is full and I STILL have nothing to wear!). There is only week and a half before a special edition of this programme: What to wear: Halloween Edition. This is serious. Dom-dom reminded me yesterday that we didn't discuss any possibilities! This year, like usually, we're going to be dressed up and clubbing somewhere in central London. Apparently, there is this girl which is organising a party and our Group Elite is coming. I need to think fast and make decisions even faster. I do NOT want it to be like last year.

Last year I was so busy with my studies that I put off buying my costume for the last minute. It was a very bad decision and I regretted it dearly. I was constantly on the telephone/texting/BBM with Dom-dom, AM, Monx and AB about which outfit to choose and what is SHE wearing. In the end I've chosen to dress up as a Marie Antoinette. Sexy one. I mean barely-there dress, white stockings with blue ribbons and extreme silver heels. And what did I get? Certainly nothing like that.

Me and Boyfriend decided to venture to the biggest and most-well-stocked costume shop in London. They say that it has 6 floors for crying out loud! I was so excited! So off we went, on a Saturday afternoon. My dreams were crushed and reality hit me when we were standing in the queue OUTSIDE of the shop for about 40 minutes. Inside was even worse, cramped like sardines in a tin I was beginning to feel like this is a fight for survival. Of course my natural instincts of preservation and finding a good piece of prêt-à-porter kicked in and I delegated Boyfriend to his floor to find something* for himself. I didn't have time for it!

When I finally got to the last floor (stairs and the place is tiny) - because OF COURSE ladies' costumes must be in some "dark" corner - I've found out that EVERYTHING from my prospective list of Items To Buy When There Is No Marie Antoinette Costume is sold out! After spending painful 2 hours trying to get attention of sales people I gave up and chose a fairy outfit** with last minute addition of sparkly wings. A far, far, FAR cry from my FABBEST choice.

Still, we did have an amazing night, but for the whole year now all I can think about how amazing I would will look in the costume I wanted. And now I've visited the website and some of them are already out of stock on the website! No way. On Tuesday I'm going there and I'm not leaving without a fight.

* He also had a bit of a problem, because some costumes were sold out, but in the end he settled for Robin Hood. He was not impressed.
** I panicked and it was a safe choice. No-one can try the items on, because it is one-of-a-kind-very-expensive-and-child-labour-stuff-from-China. Packed in a sealed plastic bag. Apparently if you have spare £70, you can become an owner of these amazing pièces de résistance.

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