Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead

We had a very productive Sunday. I've woken up really early, got ready and we were out. It really helps that everyday I'm eating plain porridge with some fruit. First few spoons on Friday were more than horrible, but now, I'm actually looking forward to it every morning and it tastes great! The porridge I was usually eating was with added honey and sugar and it had too much calories for me to eat it nowadays. Besides, it was too sweet and I was always feeling funny - when I still had a couple of spoons left. This plain porridge is much healthier option and I like it! Anyway, our weekend breakfast were always a fuss - Boyfriend spent hours preparing it and now it's swift. 

On my way from the gym last week I saw a poster on the bus stop saying that Boris bikes aka bikes which are on the street and you can rent them for as long as you want them (for a price of course!) can be finally rented-as-you-go. After checking yesterday evening what the prices are, Boyfriend discovered that the booking price for 24 hours is only £1 and for first 30 minutes it's another £1. So we decided to travel to St John's Wood station and from there take a ride through Regent's Park. The sun was shining, it was warm - a perfect weather for the bike ride! I was so scared of riding on the London streets, because my first ride was a disaster. In the end, we couldn't ride into the Regent's Park, because there's a ban on bikes, so we decided to ride to British Museum. So we rode around Regent's Park, through Great Portland Street (Boyfriend's work) and next to the UCL. We were riding for around an hour and it was just GREAT! However, I couldn't focus on sightseeing this time, because I was constantly alerted and in a deep shock.

That's my bike - 17217!
We came to British Museum because there's a fantastic exhibition: Ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead. I am a Member, so we could go and see it anytime and without queuing. Yey! Those, who were on Sunday in a British Museum know that it's absolutely crowded or I should rather say swarmed with people. We went to see this exhibition last week, but only managed to see half of it, because they were closing the Museum (earlier in a day it took us a really long time to find a place to eat). So now we only had second half to see. I must say that this option worked even better. 

Entrance to the Museum
The exhibition is heavily founded on the papyrus and after a while you loose interest and patience to look at it. Because I was fresh I could concentrate better on the next half, unlike other people who simply passed, because it was too tiring. I must admit that the exhibition is very time-consuming and with only few places to sit, it's easy to get tired. I read so much about that I was expecting something a little more spectacular - maybe like famous The Terracotta Army. But in overall, I enjoyed it, and that's most important thing. 

Before going to the exhibition we ate some lunch - we were really hungry after the bike ride - and later we went to eat some more food to a French bistro. I ordered two starters - a soup and caesar salad, which turned out to be one of the best salads I've eaten in my entire life! Because it was only 2.30pm we went to Swiss Cottage to see Black Swan. Boyfriend absolutely loved the movie, I, on  the other hand, was expecting something more - similarly to the exhibition I read a lot of reviews so I made up in my head this great movie. I'm not saying I was disappointed, but I thought it was going to be a little different. Still - the ending is perfect

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