Monday, 28 February 2011

Cheating Girlfriend

A while ago I wrote about my good friend AB. Her boyfriend left UK because he got better job in Germany and it was supposed to be temporary - max 6 months. She, however, persuaded to stay him longer and longer, so he's been gone for almost a year. A week after he left, she met a younger guy in a club - very fit, with tattoos and great body. We all thought that it was just a typical fling - one week, two weeks, one month tops. It turned out to be different - all this time she was with that boy - going with him on holidays, festivals and spending time at her place. 

She almost completely blocked me out from her life - a very random phone call or text - a far cry from last year spending-ever-weekend-in-a-club. Boyfriend and her official boyfriend know each other well and I like him too. Officially - Boyfriend didn't know about anything, but of course after a couple of months I just gave in a told him everything - I just can't keep secrets from him! 

Me and Dom-dom often talked about that situation. How it is acceptable to have a short fling, but nothing for such a long time! It's basically as if she had two boyfriends - she was flying to Frankfurt once, twice a month to spend weekend with one of them and the other was in London. Of course none of them knew about the other.

Until today. Her (since today) ex-boyfriend just sent me, Boyfriend, Dom-dom, AM, AB's sister and three of her friends a video on Facebook made by AB showing this new guy in her room watching TV. He also wrote underneath that today he met this guy in her bed and that ends their 6 year relationship. She is so busted, we need a new word for busted. I wonder if she will speak to me or just erase me from her life. She'll obviously know that the video was sent - her sister will tell her.


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