Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Bonjour cupcake

The longer this day lasts, the more frustrated and angry I get. So I better go to sleep now. Seriously. I've written all of these things down, but I decided to delete that paragraph, because when I'll look back at this day I don't want to remember these bad things, only the good ones. Running on a treadmill, laughing at the office and reading a book. The rest is history.

On the gym front I'm doing good, on a diet front too. I've been tempted today with cookies and a cheesecake with strawberries and I resisted to both! I am so proud of myself! To celebrate I bought two cute shopping/tote bags. That's the only cupcakes I can have for now. 

 My Birthday is in 2 months time and this year I'm planning special fiesta - not the usual clubbing drunkenness but a picnic in a park. There are a lot of details to plan - beginning with the choice of the park - but I really like this idea. It will be a great way to have fun in the middle of the day - a far cry from the usual dancing in the middle of the night. 


  1. Darling shopping bags. I have lots of reuseable market bags, but none of them are canvas.

    You are doing a great job on the fitness and diet fronts. Congratulations!

    I think a birthday party in the park sounds like a marvelous idea for a May birthday (or is it June?) How fun to plan it!

  2. Those are so pretty ! I'm trying to resist temptation too. It's not easy ! Good for you for being strong today :) Bisous !

  3. @Adrienne - most of my shopping bags are canvas, I find it convenient to fold them and put it into my day-to-day bag. My Bday is on 28 May, so it's getting close. :)

    @French Lover - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your resistance to all the temptation. It's so hard, but worth it in the end.

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