Sunday, 13 March 2011

St Patrick's Day in London

Even though this weekend tube on our station is not working, we decided to take Rail Replacement bus and go to central London anyway. It is a huge sacriface on our part, because the journey usually lasts an hour longer. But we were lucky to be riding an old fashioned bus - the one which is not normally driving on the London streets - it was a first time for me!

You can get on and off the bus from the open platform at the back
 We went to the British Museum for the permanent exhibition: Japan. After this horrible tragedy that struck Japanese nation, we wanted to at least make it closer to our hearts by learning and discovering the culture. The focus is on the ancient and medieval times, including the rule of samurai. In the exhibition overview is a mention of a XX and XXI century, but there's hardly anything relating to this subject, except some explicit drawings. There was a lot of people for a permanent exhibition, so I think we were not the only ones with the idea of coming.

Later we took a stroll and we ended up on the Trafalgar Square, where people were celebrating St Patrick's Day. There was a lot of green, beer and smiles. Irish people certainly know how to party!

Celebration at the Trafalgar Square

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