Thursday, 24 March 2011


Today was another perfect-weather day in London! I finally wore my favourite plain grey sport pumps and a normal 'fur'-free jacket. BUT of course there was a time when I was cold and the minute later I was boiling hot. Hopefully the weather will remain like it. By now I'm pretty obsessed by now with checking weather reports for weekend.

After the gym and before I went back home to take a shower and change clothes - I was going to the today - I rushed to Primark to buy some sunglasses I saw yesterday in this cowbiscuits' post. I am not a huge fan of Primark - especially clothes can be deceitful and fall apart after a couple of washes - but sometimes you can get there a fantastic bargain/deal and there's no way you can say "no". I have really wonderful bags and jewellery from there and everyone complimented me on it. So when I saw that there are sunglasses for ONLY £1 I knew I had to check it out!

Because I have a round and small face it is very hard for me to get a nice pair of sunglasses. Usually the ones from Topshop, River Island or H&M are sticking out for 3cm on my right and left. Last year it was pretty bad - I spent almost whole day looking for a nice pair and went home with nothing. 

Today I bought three pairs and they are great! First thing I've noticed after I put them on was that there was something different - they actually "stick" to my face properly and there's no sticking out. I told Dom-dom and girls at the w.e. office and they're all buying them! I also bought some charm necklaces and a nice grey-et-silver scarf. I'm going there tomorrow for a longer lookout.


  1. What great goodies you found. Three pairs of sunnies in one day - wow!
    I like the first pair the best - I think I must have a thing for light blue.

    Please come over to my blog sometime soon - I have something for you on my Friday Smiles post.

    xo, A

  2. Thank you so much Adrienne for the award! You are so nice :) I feel very much appreciated.

  3. a lot of cheap sunnies don't fit my fave properly which is a shame because you can get really good and cheap designs. for me i like them HUGE!!!i love the first pair you bought the most and the butterfly necklace is lovely =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Hannah, I know exactly what you mean! Last year I wanted to cry in Topshop where none of the sunglasses fit me - they were sticking out. A lot. Seriously, I never thought I would buy that many in Primark ;)


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