Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Smelling spring in the air

Today officially the spring has begun. You could smell it in the air - it was so sunny and warm. Just one of these perfect London days when you're happy and strangers actually smile at you on the streets. Some of them are already wearing flip-flops and short sleeves - that's what happens when the temperature reaches over 16 degrees. I truly hope that it's going to stay like that, because I want to go cycling over the weekend (even Dom-dom agreed to come!).

I went to the gym today and I was pretty let down when I stepped on the scales. It's just my stupid body resisting to any change even though I'm forcing it. I just have to survive. But it's really unfair when I think that I haven't eaten ANY chocolate or crisps for more than 3-4 weeks and although my stamina improved, I don't see the results.

Yesterday I sat and read One Day by David Nicholls. I was gripped by the story of two people who meet after their graduation and we follow their lives from then on to the same date every year. It's amazing how people change and yet remain the same. How their priorities and desires change over the years. This book helped me to put some things in perspective. I also talked to Dom-dom for over 2 hours today and she kept repeating the thing she always tells me - that in few years I'll forget about this period of not having job and just simply move on.

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