Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mouse in da house

Great. I THINK we have a mouse in the house. I haven't seen it with my own eyes, but other person living in the house saw it (small and innocent) in his room. In the room which is on the same floor as ours. How the hell did she manage to get on the second floor completely abandoning nice cosy kitchen downstairs and take on an Everest climb of numerous stairs? Maybe she is a magician mouse sent by mistake and by now she disappeared to an Amazon jungle? Or a special-trained newest-generation spy? Or maybe she just possesses some extraordinary abilities like climbing the wall using her little disgusting tail? Today a trap will be bought and we will try to bribe her with some Cheddar and Gouda cheese. We’ll see which she prefers better.

In the previous flat during 4 years of living there we only once encountered a meeting with a mouse. I remember when Boyfriend wasn't feeling very well and was already in bed when I (perfect girlfriend) went to kitchen to get him some water. Kitchen was small (we didn't even have a table/chairs so we ate in the living room) and dark. The doors were closed because there was laundry going on in the washing machine. I opened the door, turn on the lights and... I saw HER. On the floor, just by the sink. Looking at ME. I shrieked - not because I was scared, but because it was just such a surprise! Then I quickly closed the door in time to catch a glimpse of her running frantically in the opposite direction. We immediately called her Suzy in memory of Phoebe's mouse (from Friends). We even considered keeping her as a pet, but abandoned this idea pretty quickly. We are just DYING to have a pet - especially dog. My little dog is living with Mother back home and I love him and miss him so, so, so much. Boyfriend was always surrounded by dogs, so we are used to have some furry friends. Unfortunately it is impossible for now and will be for next couple of years. But a girl can dream.

Anyway, Suzy was a very polite visitor living her little 'gifts' everywhere in the kitchen and scaring me (almost) to death in the living room when surfing on the Internet. The traps were not really working and she ate insane amount of Boyfriend's favourite cheese which was sent especially for him from Poland. EVERYONE makes fun of him because of that. 

Finally a day came when a trap was moving! But to our astonishment it was not Suzy in the trap, but TWO even smaller mice. Then we realized that Suzy was kind of pregnant when she first visited and now her offspring also decided to become visitors. So the efforts to catch them all (but how many exactly?) intensified. Sometimes in the morning we were finding two in the trap and sometimes no-one (but the cheese was still eaten anyway). Boyfriend was releasing them away from our flat, but always in the same place, because I was panicking that they may never find each other. Once when he was opening the trap to check how many are hidden, one just jumped out on his hand, he shrieked like a tiny little girl (I still tease him about that) and run away. But all good things come to an end and the day came when we caught Suzy. She could barely fit in the trap she was so huge. It was obvious that she didn't loose those post-pregnancy pounds because she looked more like a rat than a mouse. We released her and that was end of it.

I told Mother the story when everything was over. She is just panicking when she even hears that a mouse might have been in the place where she is/lives/visits. She is just so afraid of it that I could never get a hamster or guinea pig, because to her they look exactly the same. I am not personally frightened by mice, although their tail - thin and naked - is pretty disgusting. On the other hand, I am PETRIFIED by spiders, but that's different story.

I hope we will catch our present Suzy 2.0 quickly and release her safely, before she will find this poisonous food in the vacuum cupboard.

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