Friday, 12 November 2010

Sex and the City

Third day in a row I'm watching SATC. All seasons from the beginning. I just love it. LOVE IT! It is amazing how much Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha taught me! And it's amazing how you can get attach to them and treat them as your own friends. They are so open and simply fun whilst at the same time they deal with some serious problems. AM always claims that I remind her of Charlotte. And it is kinda true. I can really easily relate to her - style (OK, maybe when we talk fashion I'm a hybrid between Charlotte and Carrie), innocence and quirkiness.  

Sometimes I still dream about living in New York, moving my girlfriends over there and having a fab Manolos collection. We always want what we can't have. I know I should be more grateful - I live in London, have great  friends and wardrobe which doesn't want to close full of not-so-labeled clothes. And I am grateful. It's just sometimes I'd like to be as free as they are and careless. And to talk about sex without any inhibitions...

I was talking to KO for 2.5 hours on Skype today. If Boyfriend had known that he would be very sad. I know that he is so jealous of him that even a mere mention of his name gives him creeps. But I'm sorry - I want KO to be part of my life and nothing and no-one can change that. I've had a MAJOR crush on him and I still have it. I know that sometimes it may be playing with fire, but that's what makes the life more interesting, doesn't it?

At least I am not cheating like AB. She told everyone on Facebook* what a fabulous time she had in Turkey with her girlfriends (I was sure at that point that she went there with her sister) and it turns out that she went there with a guy she met in a club. She met him exactly one week after her boyfriend (for 6 years) went to Germany for 1 year to work there as an IT consultant. And apparently AB and her boyfriend are still together! She has one hot guy here in London and the other husband-type in Germany. I still don't get that. Personally, the guilt would have eaten me alive. And the weirdest thing is that she wanted her boyfriend to go away so she could have fun - and all she did was to SETTLE for the first guy she's met! Where's the fun in that?! Work hard, play hard, cheat hard!

* The most depressing thing was that her actual boyfriend LIKED her status. Poor thing doesn't know what a bitch she is!


  1. AB will get caught one day.
    Sex & the City always puts a smile on my face :-)

  2. I wonder if she'll ever be caught...
    And SATC is great! Always puts smile on my face too! :)

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