Monday, 27 September 2010

Autumn flu

I guess that the autumn wind is not only blowing leaves in the park, but is also busy with spreading viruses and bacteria... I feel my throat getting sorer every minute and I don't think I will bribe it with honey and lemon. I need to take more powerful artilery in the form of Lemsip (one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted. EVER) and other painkillers.  I will give in, snuggle on bed, make some tea (as Mother says - drink some liquids, drink tea/honey and lemon/soup/more tea/water and then drink some more), watch some cheap entertainment and probably read a book which was delivered today. See? I'm not making ANY plans to read the book, it is just convenient that I'll be probably sick and down with a flu for next couple of days (or hours - depends how long does it take to read it). 


  1. wiem,właśnie muszę kupić jakiś kolor który będzie ciemniejszy ;)) mam nadzieję,że wtedy będę zadowolona ;]

  2. Yes the cold winds are definitely blowing germs about. I had sniffles for the first time in months yesterday


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