Monday, 20 September 2010

First Official Interview

I should write since adrenaline is still pumping through my veins and I can still feel my feet from wearing these incredibly high (but also cute) heels. Well, I am still alive. The interview was not at all as scary as I thought it would be! I arrived early - as always. I am ALWAYS punctual and just HATE when someone is late. So I demand nothing less from someone else than from myself. There was a time when I was living in Poland my relationship with the Boyfriend was still at the beginning when he was constantly late for every date. I just hated it and had few words with him about that. Since then, I have trained (taught) Boyfriend that being late shows no respect, is rude and will not get you anywhere (especially with me).

Well... so I was on time. In painfully high heels. Black and patent. Just the ones you should wear on your interview. I sat, I've been given IQ test. The nemesis I was so scared of. 50 questions. 15 minutes. Pass mark is 50%. Vast majority of people do not finish all questions on time. And the first question was asking about prologue - what is it (beginning, note about author, ending). SERIOUSLY? Right then and there I knew I'm gonna be fine. And I was. Of course there were questions with numbers and calculations, but I've either: omitted/guessed/tried to answer them. And then was a psychometric test (without a pass mark, duh?!) which I don't even know what it is for. And then was... actual interview! Something I was not prepared for, because I was sure to fail IQ test! 

The interviewing lady was really nice, I made her laugh and I was answering honestly. The position is for a fixed term, so I had no problem with being honest. I wasn't nervous, it didn't feel like an interview to me. I was in a familiar area, talking about studying nearby, going to the shop across the street and being myself. (Which is being pretty AWESOME, but I think she got that straightaway.) At the end she told me that she has a couple of interviews lined up this week and I should know something next week. This means that I was the first one to be interviewed for the position. I hope I will be the measure for the rest of them!

I slowly, very slowly start to believe that 'When the door closes, another window opens'. Just when being stuck on the tube on my way to the interview, I've checked my BlackBerry for messages of encouragement and wishes of good luck. To my astonishment I've found a reply e-mail for the position I've applied last week. I was hoping (i.e. praying) for someone to get back to me on that one. Seems pretty challenging but great. I've called the agent, but he was busy and still didn't call me back. Anyway, I hope I'll talk to him soon and schedule another interview. 

It is an universal truth that you can be the best person for the job, but not know how to present yourself during the interview. It is a technique that needs to be learned and practiced like any other skill. I just hope I'm good at it. Good enough to secure a job one day.


  1. Fingers are crossed for you! And black patent pumps and punctuality win out every time :-)

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