Monday, 13 September 2010

VB Collection S/S 2011

Can I just say - I am DROOLING over the Victoria Beckham's collection at New York Fashion Week. It is amazing. The simplicity is simply amazing. Although she has no professional fashion training it can be easily spotted that she does possess a taste and knowledge that no book can ever teach. A true example of the fact that some things cannot be thought at school. I know the celebrities have fallen in love with her designs, but what I personally love about them is that they are timeless. And the only timeless designer for me - who is sitting on the highest throne at the Temple of Fashion is Coco Chanel. That is a huge comparison. 


With her new collection and introduction of splashes of colour from her usual monochrome stylisations she goes an extra mile. Just like some commentators say - the simplicity of her projects is what it makes it really stand out among the others. Don't get me wrong - j'adore lavish creations of Dior, but let's face it - unfortunately we won't wear Galliano's dresses to work! On the other hand, Vicotria's dresses are just perfect - simple and classic. I hope her every collection will continue to amaze me with some (un)usual details.

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  1. Victoria's white dress on the left is perfect! Perfect!!


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