Monday, 6 September 2010

SkyRide 2010

What can I say? It was simply awesome!!! Truly amazing feeling when you cycle around London's most famous landmarks on your bike! Total freedom and smile on your face all day long! Nothing else matters - it's just you, your bike and tens of thousands other people around you - with the same smiles. 

It is great when you cycle and look around and all you can see is a massive crowd with none car in sight! And it is surprisingly easy and fast to get from one place to another - (central) London is really, really small. Even tiny some may say... We managed to cycle from St James Park, next to Big Ben on the Embankment right up to the Tower of London. Coming back, we decided to elope on to the other side of the river, which ended in a slalom between pedestrians. After driving up to the London Eye we decided to come back to the proper, bike-friendly side. In the meantime we saw a couple of dogs with their owners cycling, A LOT of kids on the tiny bikes and even some weird looking tandems and machines comparable only with some gym equipment (one was similar to rowing one). 

Going home wasn't so easy when it turned out that we cannot take Bakerloo line and of course Metropolitan line was closed during the weekend. In the end we cycled through Hyde Park and Kensington to get to the overground station. From there, we only managed to get to Westfield. I have no idea how I managed to cycle from Westfield to Willesden Junction. Over 30km in one day! I am aching now. But it was worth it. I just feel angry at myself that I was getting so nervous and impatient. It felt soooo good to come back, eat and then sleep for 10 hours!

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