Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Experienced student?

Well I blew my chances for a second interview. I was so shocked that after many phone calls the agent finally answered that my tongue was tangled and so I blabbed incoherently. To top that, my stupid phone went dead in the middle! I feel so stupid!!! Why is it always like that - I have my chance and don't really take it? 

No plans for today. Will look for some jobs, but I've already been twice on the standard-look-for-job websites and there's nothing. I mean, there are jobs for those with experience. So what that I really can learn fast and am smart. No one wants me. On the other hand, after coming to a foreign country for study when being 18, living here for 5 years and being now 23 - when should I've gotten some excellent experience. This is what really pisses me off. Everyone expects me to have experience at the top firms, but how could I've done it when I was studying?


  1. Too bad! But don't give up hope. It's hard to get a job without experience but you will get a break somewhere. I mean everyone has to start somewhere! Good luck!

  2. Na początku zawsze jest trudno. Doświadczenia zawodowego nie posiada się ot tak sobie, na to potrzeba dużo czasu a także ciężkiej pracy. Jednak trzeba od czegoś zacząć, nawet od czegoś z czego nie jesteśmy do końca zadowoleni i usatysfakcjonowani, ale to zawsze jest krok na przód. Na pewno to nie zaszkodzi a pomóc może.

  3. I think everyone has to go thru that, it's a right of passage! The right job will come along. I would hire you!


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