Thursday, 16 September 2010

IQ tests? No thanks!

I have interview on Monday. My first serious interview. I try not to put hopes up, but I would do ANYTHING, ANYTHING to get the job. It's part-time and sounds really interesting. The only downside is that I have to take IQ and psychometric tests to get a proper interview. And this is a hard part. 

I don't know what it is with me, but I just never get IQ answers right. I am aware that I am intelligent, clever and smart. I read a lot and can have a decent conversation about fashion, computers, geography or world history. But when you give me triangle, circle and square and ask what should be next - I just guess. Je ne comprend pas! Or numbers - what is with numbers? - six, eight, nineteen and sixty-four - what will be next? No idea. Plus, it's been years (thank God!) since I've studied maths, so now even more complex calculation is a bit of a challenge for me. That's why calculator was invented for crying out loud!!! 

Anyway, I am more stressed out about these tests than the actual interview. I just hope I'll pass, be fabulous and enchant them all with my inner charm and get a job. Otherwise people may find me in the next few weeks wandering around London streets with the insane look in my eyes. Seriously. I need some project. Few books from amazon came yesterday with a couple of more to follow. But I want to go out and meet some new people and actually do something with my life and my brain. Just no more maths please!


  1. Trzymam kciuki, musi się udać :)

  2. I jak poszło???

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