Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another day in suspense

I didn't sleep well this night. I kept waking up hour after hour and finally woken up an hour too early only to realise I still can get some sleep. Of course I didn't. If I am fully awake that's it for me and I can only go back to sleep during the day if (1) I have terrible hangover or (2) I have a fever.

On 7.15am I've checked my BlackBerry only to find a couple of random e-mails and a message on Facebook. On 7.45am I've left fully dressed up and with nervous stomach ache - ready to go. On 7.59am I've checked my BlackBerry again and there was a message from the guy telling me that today it won't work out, because someone is not coming to the office and if I can go there tomorrow at 9am. Fortunately I haven't been very far so I've just hopped off the bus and went back home. So here it goes - another sleep-deprived night and more nerves on the way!

Today outside is the perfect fog. Honestly, I haven't seen anything like that for a long, long time. And today it's different, because it actually stayed! Usually it just disappears and around 10am it is just a mere memory, but right now I think it grows even stronger and stronger. You can't actually see very far! It's also cold, cold, cold. It's good that I've found my warm woollen scarf and gloves yesterday!

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