Monday, 22 November 2010

Weekend is over

Another lazy weekend behind me. I HAVE TO do something constructive next week. No more sitting, eating and just turning from one side to the other on the bed all day! I need to DO something!

I'm going to the WE office every day and sometimes it's fun and great and sometimes I'm just nervous and not completely sure what to do. On Friday I had to make like 20 calls to chase some insurers to find out if they've received out letter of claim. Today I wrote a long and strong letter of complaint to the "Immigration Specialists" who only took the money from a nice lady and used the fact that she doesn't speak English. She's working in a supermarket and living here with her 6 year old daughter and her Ukrainian boyfriend for whom she's sponsoring the visa. He is not working 1 year, because he can't legally work and won't do something illegal to jeopardise his chances of actually getting a visa. They started the application process over a year ago, paid like £920 (at least it was only HALF of the fee) and they are in the same point. That stupid firm completely ignored them. She went to a different one and the application is proceeding. She is still not in the worst position - some people paid £3000 and NOTHING was done! This is simply outrageous!

I've finally plucked my courage and filed some job applications today. But I'm seeing everything in the dark colours - I've sent them, but there's nothing for me and I know that no one will call. I also had an emotional talk with my parents during weekend - every time it is so exhausting and depressing that I'm left feeling low thorough the day. (And that is also one of the reasons why I'm keeping everything low on weekends.)

I'm thinking what would be the best way for me to revise Spanish. I need to sit on my ass and just read something and study. But I was also thinking about going to Mexico or Spain - maybe for some voluntary work to do. I'd need 3-6 months to really RECALL all my vocabulary and grammar. Then I would pass advanced certificates easily. I'm not even thinking of going there to do some PROPER job although I may look for it. But let's be realistic. No one wants me in London - who would want me over there? 


  1. You have to try and stay positive. I know that's so easy to say and much more difficult to do, but you have to. Remember everyday is a new day, and keep working toward your goals, you'll get there, everything will work out, it always does :-)

  2. Dear Sara - thank you so much again for your comments! :) I'm trying to stay positive and take every day as it is. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad and sometimes I just go to read your Blog to make my day better! :) xox


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