Friday, 5 November 2010

Visiting AW

AW is 22 weeks pregnant. She is having a boy and has due date on 8 March 2011. It's actually scary to see her so grown-up and mother-to-be. I mean - she is my first and (at least for now) only true and real grown-up girlfriend with husband, nice flat, mortgage and living outside London in Kent - better schools, less city noise and more family-oriented neighbourhood. 

One of the reasons I see her so rarely is the fact that she lives so far away! When Dom-dom was living in South London I still managed to see her in her flat and party with her in Clapham - but I was always (not so) swift tube ride away to get home. On the other hand, to get to AW's place I need to board a train. I have never been on a train in the UK before. I love journeys in a train - because when I was growing up Mother decided not to have a car the fastest way to get to grandparents was to hop on a train. I like it - from the fastest and most fabulous TGV in France to stinky 12-hours journeys in Poland - me like it! 

The reality hit me when I had to stand and wait at King's Cross Station for like 25 minutes for a train. I forgot how long you have to WAIT if you're not getting a tube or hop in a car. Then, of course went on the wrong platform so I had to backtrack... I was sitting next to an old (and very stylish) lady who was getting off on the same station as I did. During the 30-minutes journey I was looking outside the window all the time when she was putting some make-up and retouching what she had put on. She was simply a very nice old lady. And I've finally saw Big Ben and London Eye from the train - after so many walks on the bridges and seeing people on the trains I've finally got my own experience. Of course AW would laugh at me right now considering she had to take this train every day to get to work. 

I honestly still can't believe that AW is pregnant. OK, even SHE still can't believe it! I still remember our long talks that kids are... hmm... disgusting and ugly. Well, yes - they are! Then she told me that she has woken up one day and suddenly she felt an urge to have a kid. Just like that - you don't know when it can hit you! It's actually scary!!! She showed me the scan pictures and I've actually FELT his kicks! That was soooo weird! Plus, she told me LOTS of inside info reserved only for pregnant women. Apparently even a midwife in a hospital told her NOT to tell any childless girlfriends about it, because it may put them off from having a baby. We both condemned such behaviour! AW told me that there were numerous occasions when she was panicking for nothing, because no-one told her that something may happen and it's completely natural. That's why I'm glad she's having this baby boy - she is my guinea pig!

She also helped me to be more positive about all this job thing. She's going to Poland for 10 days, but when she'll come back we'll go through my CV together and maybe figure something out. Still, AB said that now it's the end of the year so firms are not recruiting people - they're waiting for the New Year. Hopefully, it will get easier in January...

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