Monday, 29 November 2010

Where is this snow?!

It's TOTALLY unfair. They predicted snow on Friday, then on Saturday, finally Sunday and apparently it's supposed to fall this night. In Poland the Mansion is covered in snow, Krecik can't run in the garden - only jump like a rabbit through the fluffy snowdrifts. The whole city is in a standstill. 

Don't believe in what IPad tells you!
My friend updated her status on Facebook that she's already spent 10 hours in a plane and she doesn't know how long she's going to wait. She's leaving UK today. Because there IS snow in the UK. Scotland, Newcastle, everything up north is COVERED in snow. But in London it's freezing and empty

I love how snow changes everything. How it works it magic on ugly rooftops, forgotten gardens and dirty sidewalks. Everything is white and bright, new and pretty. New shapes appear and you can smell winter in the air. I like how snow makes this distinctive sound when you walk on it when the temperature is below zero. And how it falls dawn the sky when I focus on one snowflake until it's on my glove melting.

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