Thursday, 25 November 2010


I just got off the phone with Dom-dom. She is usually calling me when on a bus and coming back from work. We agreed that this weekend (the latest!) we simply HAVE TO find something and book it for the New Year's Eve. We're already afraid that every club in town may be booked and we don't want to end up in some borough's disco. There are so many other plans - what to do for Christmas, Boxing Day, Christmas dinners with friends... And as always we're both just talking and planning how wonderful it will be, but then actually doing nothing. No more. I know! I'll use IPad to plan all these big events! Boyfriend brought it yesterday from work - apparently he borrowed it aka took it for playing etc. as it belongs to his IT team. Fun!

We have party on Saturday, but I suspect that Dom-dom will be too tired from working and I'll make any excuse not to go there (it's in a remote place and far away from my pad and Boyfriend doesn't want to NOT drink and drive again). So we'll probably meet on Sunday for XFactor. Due to the constant lack of money and (her) hard-working and (my) shame of  unemployment we are like two 80-year old grandmothers - NOT twenty-something girls! I just hope that the New Year will bring a lot of a positive change!

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