Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday at English Pub and Ruislip Lido

After morning Skype with Mother when I’ve found out that it has already snowed in Lublin we decided to brace ourselves and drive to Ruislip Lido. I like this place very much! There is a huge forest on three different sides, a lake with swans, ducks and other birds, little beach (usually occupied with children playing and bored parents) and even a little Ruislip Railway services which takes you on a little steam train from one side of the lake to the other for a mere £1! I like walking on the forest paths or on the sunny sidewalk, just near the beach. In the summer we’re going there with a little picnic basket and blanket to get some tan laying lazy in the sun and reading The Times. Since I’ve bought my bike we also went there to make a little drive around the lake stopping to get some ice-cream and watch dogs fetching balls and sticks from the water.

Today it was so cold that we barely made it to the beach when we turned and went back to the car. We also took some bread (bought on the same day from the Polish Bakery! Yum!) to feed the birds. The seagulls were so annoying and trying to steal the food so I was throwing it only in the direction of the ducks. I’ve even pulled my courage and actually hold the bread in my hand when the duck was grabbing it and trying to chew! It was so amazing to see the duck’s teeth and pink soft tongue! So cute!!! Boyfriend was feeding the swans and at one point I was pretty sure one of them will bite him or hit him with wings after he tried to stop two swans fighting over a crust.

I am so glad that we ended up there – even if just for a short walk, because I ate WAY too much today! On our way to Lido we stopped at a typical English Pub (Beefeaters) – which on Sundays changes into a family place – where everyone sits and eats, orders more ale and drinks some more. I was sceptical, because the combination of the name and the atmosphere of an English Pub does not normally guarantee vegetarian food (except French fries), but I was positively surprised! Because Boyfriend was driving he ordered orange juice and I decided to go for the rose wine. I rarely drink wine, because I simply don’t like it. I’m usually having it with a meal – when I know that the taste will be masked by the flavour of the food and I had it only once in a club – I was already drunk and as most of the girls were ordering it I went with the crowd. Very. Bad. Decision. NEVER go with the flow when it comes to drinking. NEVER. I should know better! Anyway, I ate a wonderful cauliflower and cheese soup with a fresh baguette, followed by not-so-great Mediterranean pasta and AMAZING chocolate and vanilla ice-cream sundae. At this point I was so drunk (Boyfriend had a GOOD laugh out of me) and I still have no idea how I managed to actually find place in my body to store all this food! But next time I’m ordering starter soup OR main meal ONLY!

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