Sunday, 14 November 2010

My options

Tomorrow I'm going for an interview to a Polish agency, which helps other Poles to acclimatise here in the UK. AW gave me details to call the owner and telling me that her friend gained work experience there. She wasn't paid except some money for lunch and travel. I talked to the guy on Thursday and it sounds promising - he asked me if I'm available part-time or full-time and if I am working at the moment. I told him that I'll take anything and I really want to gain some work experience. Even if I'd work there for a month - would be great - maybe in January something will come up for me.

But on the other hand I could go home to Poland, study Spanish for like a month, come back and pass language certificate. Then it would be so much easier for me to get an AA job. Or maybe not? Maybe better to stay here and study in my free-time and just get some work experience? I don't know what to do and everything depends on what I'll agree on tomorrow. And if it'll even work out. 

To confuse me even more, another option I have - thanks to the AW's advice - is that I can volunteer in a charity shop for a month or two. I was already planning to go to the Cancer Research near Baker Street and ask if they'd need me even for a couple hours a week. Apparently that's how AW and her husband started their CV careers! It's a very good advice and I was considering it, but I've put this on hold - I'm waiting what will come out from the tomorrow's interview. 

One thing I am sure of is that I want to volunteer at the British Museum. I just need to finally go there and ask about all the information. From what I read on the website anyone can become a volunteer if can commit to one or half day for six months. Plus, they're giving full training! Boyfriend wanted to volunteer at Science Museum but their expectations are so high that it is impossible.


  1. Volunteering at the museum sounds brilliant and would probably look great on your CV. But maybe returning home for a few weeks might be good too. Sometimes I think removing ourselves from a situation so we are on the outside helps give a different perspective.
    Best of luck with your decision!

  2. Oh Sara I'm thinking about going home but I don't know if I can afford it. Also, the relationship with my mother is not so great at the moment - there are some good times and there are really bad times. She feels ashamed that I don't have a work which puts even more pressure on me instead of helping.

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