Wednesday, 17 November 2010

First day at the WE Office

OK, so I finally went to the office today I did some work. Unfortunately I won't be paid, but at least I will get some experience to put on my CV! And the owner of the company aka director is really friendly so I'll have no problems with agreeing with him. There are also two nice girls women and I have no problems talking to them. All in all, it's good for now. Also, I'm free whenever I'll have any interview which is great because gives me hopefully much needed flexibility. 

Today I had to make a couple of calls - in Polish and English! I have no idea which ones were more stressful, but I think those in Polish. I have completely no idea how to deal in Polish on a professional manner - I would never be able to write a formal letter in Polish when in English it is like my second nature. 

The office deals with personal injury claims, car accidents and some bookkeeping and accountancy. It also helps people who don't know English and confirms my biggest fears - that actually for a foreigner it is possible to live in the UK for 10 years without knowledge of the English language! For me it is very sad - I think that one of the reasons you want to emigrate to another country is to learn about the culture, embrace some experiences and get to know the real people. I admit that in London it is hard to find and befriend real English man and women because of the all diversity, but it's not impossible! I honestly pity people who just come here and set their own boundaries to only keep close with each other. We only live once!


  1. Gratulacje! Dobra decyzja, lepiej że zostałaś i pracujesz niż żebyś miała jechać do Polski. Jak już będziesz miała doświadczenie, znajdziesz płatną pracę ;) Powodzenia, Oliwka

  2. Dzieki Oliwko :) No wlasnie mam taka nadzieje, zawsze wpisze sobie cos w CV a jest tam w biurze nawet fajnie. Musze sie tylko zebrac w sobie i znowu zaczac aplikowac. Pozdrawiam!!! x


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