Monday, 15 November 2010

From bad to not-so-bad

And so one hour ago I've found out that the guy I was supposed to have interview and talk about my work experience with, wasn't in the office today. After all the hopes and nerves, the disgusting mint tea in Starbucks and the horrible journey in the bus... Some may say c'est la vie, I can only cry. I don't even count on this job now. In all my stupidity I was so naive to think that he may actually offer me a position and even tell me to stay today to start ASAP. How stupid can I be?!

I don't have money to go to Poland for Christmas. Plane tickets cost around £500 and I just can't afford that. Boyfriend may repair his car and we may go then. That's the only hope. Otherwise it is just too expensive. 

And now I just have to clench my teeth and literally force myself to visit all the job websites. I honestly don't know how long I'll be able to do it. I have no motivation to actually wake up in the morning, get dressed and... do what? Nothing.

I'd like to do so many things: go to the oil painting course, Spanish and French courses, finally join the gym or enroll to the morning boot camp, go horse riding (I miss it so, so much)... And without money it's all impossible. 

Edit 1.00pm: I decided to keep the chin up, go to the store for some dinner, then study some Spanish and Marine Insurance. I'll call the guy around 4pm and ask what's going on. I also have some ironing to do - which I like - it makes me calm plus my pedantic nature really loves the fact that the creased clothes are changed into something smooth and pretty.   

Edit 5.06pm: Of course no-one from that office called me. I finally gathered the courage and tried to call that guy - he didn't answer the phone; I tried the office - no-one is picking up. At that point I was a little bit mad and just called him again. He picked up and told me that there was no misunderstanding as such and the secretary should have known about me! I'm going there tomorrow 9am for a couple of hours to try.


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