Tuesday, 19 April 2011

At home

The journey was really pleasant. I had to get up shortly after 4am, get ready, eat something and finish packing. I was all alone going to the tube and I think I woke half of the neighbourhood when the wheels of my bag were making noise on the pavement. I waited for 8 minutes in the tube, but still managed to catch the bus to Luton. I was so happy, because the idea of standing at the bus stop in the cold morning for 20 minutes wasn't appealing.

At the airport everything went smoothly and my plane wasn't even delayed. Boyfriend and his sister came to meet me at the airport and we went to the bus stop to catch a bus home. Around 5-6pm I was at home. It was very, very weird to see my mom. After all these months of not speaking, I was so afraid. But to my relief the evening went rather OK, although the difficult talk was also there. 

Krecik is happy as always. After the operation he's not changed and forgot about it already. Just as cheerful as I remember him. He went to my bed in the morning and just slept there for a couple of hours. 

We just came back from the plants shop and now I'll do some cleaning and I'm going to my aunt to drop off some things, because I'll be sleeping at her place tonight. In the evening I'm meeting my Friend and I'm very happy about that! 


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