Sunday, 3 April 2011

From nappies to vodka

Today was the day of the total contrasts. In the morning we went to Kent to visit AW and her newborn baby son - C. He is adorable. I was so scared of him, that I can hurt him and brake his neck or something else! I also thought that he's going to be only sleeping-eating-screaming-sleeping-eating-screaming, but he was actually aware and awake most of the time. It's also amazing to see him out and about, no longer in AW's belly. I honestly can't believe that he's here - present, as a person. Boyfriend was so good with him - C. has fallen asleep in his hands and unlike me, he was not scared of the baby. 

AW is obviously tired, but so happy and she's keeping herself up. He has some help from her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her mom flies in for a week, one week later her father will come and visit too. The nearest opportunity we'll have to see C. again is going to be after Easter, so it's good that we got a chance to meet him yesterday. He grows so fast, that some of the clothes no longer fit him (it's good we bought him some toys - actually Boyfriend bought him, because I didn't know what to buy - instead of clothes). AW and her husband also got little gifts, so they wouldn't feel left out. 

We spent six hours there and we didn't want to leave! But we were supposed to go to North Finchley (so all the way through London) to Dom-dom's flat and celebrate AP's birthday. It took us 2 whole hours to get there and I can only say that Dom-dom has no sense whatsoever of how to direct people to go to the right bus stop.

When we got there, the girls were still in the dressing-gowns (AP had a silk one and Dom-dom had pink fluffy one with the teddy bears), but already with full make-up on and after few drinks. Because I'm taking anti-depressants, I am not allowed to drink alcohol. I was a little bit freaked out by how I am going to manage a whole night without the alcohol, when everyone else will be drunk. But I had a great mood and it was great! We ordered some pizza (I feel guilty because I ate two slices instead of one) and AP blew the candles from her Thortons chocolate birthday cake (still in the dressing-gown). 

turquoise BarryM mascara - fan.tas.tic
When we finished to get ready, they prepared take-away (vodka mixed with coke in the empty bottle after water) we went to the club. It was Kanaloa and I have really good memories from this club. It was where I celebrated AM's birthday and her after graduation party. There was great music and a good dance floor. BUT this time unfortunately it wasn't as good as the previous times. I didn't like the DJ and Dom-dom was stressed out because one of her bosses had his stag-do there. I mean, WTF?! Seriously, like there aren't enough clubs in London.

Me and Boyfriend decided to go home on the last tube, so we left around midnight. We were also very tired, because we left home early in the morning. We managed to catch literally the very last train, because one of the girls, M. got so drunk, it was unbelievable. I was seriously scared that she won't get home, but as far as I know, she did, in the end. 

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