Saturday, 9 April 2011

Impromptu picnic at Regent's Park

To use the wonderful summer weather we have in London we decided to go today for an impromptu picnic at Regent's Park. Over the years, it's been the park where I rarely gone, but because of the tube being closed and Boris bikes close to it, it's the one we visit most often. It really is beautiful and has plenty to offer. I am not a fan of Hyde Park, because there are very few trees (on the one side at least) and it is so huge, it takes a really long time to walk from one side to the other. With Regent's Park it's different - everything seems closer. There are trees, football pitches and plenty to grass to lie down with a magazine or a book. I think it's the place where I'll organize my birthday party.

giraffe at the ZOO
great way to learn about birds - at the park

one side of the bridge...
...and the other


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