Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mesopotamia exhibition at British Museum and Meek's Cutoff

I had to get away today, so when the plans with Dom-dom did not work out, I knew I will go somewhere anyway. I was a little bit sad about Dom-dom to be honest, because I thought we're gonna have a fun day together, but I also understand that she flew in in the middle of Friday night from the work conference. 

I woke up really early and was tired, because I didn't sleep well. I'm stressing out about going home and seeing Mother. Sometimes it terrifies me so much, I am sick. The only way is to focus on something else. So I decided to go to British Museum and explore Mesopotamia's history. I was really hooked after reading some chapters in A Little History of the World and wanted to learn more. There were lots of people in the museum toady - typical for Saturday - but these particular rooms were practically empty. I walked for almost two hours there, read almost every little information card on the displays. I also ate lunch in the museum - I love sitting behind these long tables.

Later, I went to Blackwells and - of course - ended up with few more books. I am pretty excited about Room by Emma Donoghue and Tiger, tiger by Margaux Fragoso. I also went to Superdrug and got an amazing kohl crayon, some mascara and gold eyeliner. 

Because I don't like going to the cinema alone to watch violent and stressful movies, after checking on the website I've chosen to see Meek's Cutoff. The movie is not something you would expect (especially when you see the trailer). It's not typical Western, to my relief, because I detest Westerns. It tells a story of a group of settlers, who travel through the Oregon desert in 1845 and find themselves stranded in harsh conditions. Lost and with no water, they capture the Indian on the way and since then their only chance of survival is to trust the person, who doesn't understand them, just as they don't understand him. Because the scenes are really long and not only on the people, but also on unforgiving nature, I've felt like I was inside the movie. It totally deserves all the star ratings it has.


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