Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Patience and consistency

Yesterday I didn't go to the gym, because I was so tired. I just slept on until 10.30am and it seriously messed up my day. I was mega tired after the weekend and I also have this frickin' back muscle pain, that when we were at AW's on Saturday and I stood up after sitting for a while, I just flinched and bended down in an impulse like an old lady. But I knew I had to go today, so even though it was pouring rain, I armed myself with umbrella and wellies. Boyfriend had to cycle to work in the rain. That's a dedication!

I thought that after yesterday's rest my pain would lessen today, but it was so bad that I couldn't walk fast on a treadmill. Surprisingly I WAS able to run. I bumped into my PT and she told me that the cause may be lots of walking I've been doing lately. Well, this sounds believable. Boyfriend tells me that it's simply pulled muscle and it'll be gone within few days. I truly hope so, because I have PT session on Friday morning! 

I STILL feel guilty about not going to the gym yesterday. I ate lots of salt & vinegar peanuts too (Yum! I'm addicted to salty things!). I really want to loose 5kg before for my birthday but I don't see it happening if I continue to eat not healthy. I know it's all because last week when I went on scales it showed that I gained 0,5kg. I was expecting everything, but not that. On the positive side, PT told me that her mom was stuck on the same weight for more than 4 weeks and she was exercising and didn't have any slip. So it can be worse. I just need to be patient and consistent (two of the virtues I do not possess).

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