Sunday, 10 April 2011

Picnic at Primrose Hill

Because we enjoyed our picnic at Regent's Park yesterday so much and we wanted to take a full advantage of the beautiful and warm London weather, we decided to go for a picnic also today. This time we went to Primrose Hill, which is even closer from the bus stop than the Regent's Park. I've never been there and it's the place to be. If you know the second Bridget Jones movie, the opening scene when Bridget and Mark Darcy are running on the hill was filmed exactly in that location. It is a hill of 78m, so there is an amazing panorama of central London with London Eye and the City.

On the way there, I texted Dom-dom and even though it take her a while, she got there and we spent an amazing time together joking, laughing and simply talking. We even came up with little business idea, which will hopefully flourish to something big, as both of us are unhappy in the situations we're currently in - she is unhappy with her job, I am with unemployment. So I think we're gonna be partners in crime. Exciting!

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