Wednesday, 6 April 2011

First day of the summer

The sun is shining. There's over 23 degrees outside. And they say that it's going to be like that over the weekend. What's not to love about London today? I am so happy I can scream and dance. It feels like summer. The window is wide open and I'm sitting in tiny shorts and t-shirt. Yey!

I went to the office today and D. got offer from the university she applied for. I helped her a little bit with the application and I am so happy that she got in! I know she really wants it, but she's a little bit scared of her English. I am sure that she'll do fine and all her worries will disappear when she'll start going to classes and studying. It's survival/adaptation. 

I've bought some magazines today and once again received complimentary issue of The Times. There was new Paris Vogue and I'm eager to take a look at it. I also bought Zest as an incentive/motivation to better gym and diet results. Time Out is for weekend planning, although we have plans to go to the postponed British Art Show 7, which ends on April 17. We'll see, maybe there's something better. And I truly hope that this weekend Boris bikes will be available. 

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