Thursday, 21 April 2011


Yesterday me, Boyfriend and Mother with two dogs - my Krecik and Boyfriend's Sara went to our family's home in the countryside. I absolutely love this place. It was there where I first got on a horse (or rather was put on a horse) when I was only 3. I've spent some amazing summers there. Although sometimes I was bored, sometimes I was annoyed that there's no cellphone coverage... now I truly appreciate all these things (where in the world there's no cellphone service?!): peacefulness, nature and a blue sky. It is literally in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods and fields. The nearest shop and asphalt road is 40 minutes walk through the forest and hills.  


  1. lovely photos, i love going to the country and getting away from the busy city, perfect time to relax and all

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Great pictures! This is a place I'd like to stay at for a weekend. You're Polish too?! My Dad was born there but immigrated to Canada when he was six years old.


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