Wednesday, 13 April 2011

More Bourjois blushers

Boyfriend is leaving me alone tomorrow and going to Poland for the Easter. I'm going on Monday and still have a mixture of emotions when I think about seeing Mother. I have no idea how it's going to work out and I'm pretty scared about those 10 days I'm going to be there. Even though Boyfriend assures me that everything's going to be OK (he talks to her on the phone), I still have doubts. That's why I'm living in denial, and still don't want to realize that I'll leave on Monday morning at the brake of dawn.

Anyway, I have plans for tomorrow's afternoon (watching The Kennedys and reading The Slap), Friday (GTL and some shopping), Saturday (visiting Dom-dom) and Sunday (packing, mini-SPA, more packing and calling an early night). I'll keep myself busy - that's the best thing for me when I'm feeling sad or lonely.
Despite morning struggle - I was so sleepy! - I went to the gym, but I think I'll have a brake tomorrow, although I was supposed to go tanning. On Friday I have PT session, so I'll go on a sunbed for 10 minutes, instead of the usual 5. I know that sunbeds are bad for your skin (premature, wrinkles and dryness it up) and it's so easy to get a skin cancer, but I don't smoke or take drugs, so I should be allowed one bad habit. It's such a lame excuse I can't believe I actually wrote it, but it's true. I feel so much better after mere 5 minutes and my skin no longer looks like a ghostly pale with blue veins. And that's not a good look. I can't stand fake tans and even all these gradually-building-up-tan products - boring and smelly - although D. swears by it and applies them at least once a week. Over the last weekend I got a little sunburnt on my arms and décolleté and now, after few days, it looks really good. 

Oh, and I managed to buy today two more limited edition Bourjois blushers. A quick reminder: To celebrate its heritage, Bourjois teams up with a young Parisian artist, Juliette Buré, to create a new “collector’s” range of decorated pots, based on Parisian monuments!

My nearest Boots, situated next to the gym only has three versions, which I (obviously) already have, but when I went shopping today in Ealing, I discovered two more - with  the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur (Rose Coup De Foudre) and Arc de Triomphe (Lilas D'Or) on the cover. How can you resist this cute pots?! There's no way. Both blushers are more shimmery than the ones I already have, but it's perfect for achieving this summer glow (having a tan also helps!). The irresistible smell of perfume and little mirror is an added bonus.  Also, the baked formula lasts a very long time and I am sure I'll be using them for years! The pot is sturdy and can easily survive any hurdles along the way.

I've been using the blushers daily since I bought the first batch and the only negative comment I may have is the brush. I don't want to sound ungrateful, because in the first place I am happy that the brush actually is added to the pot, but it is quite scratchy. I read some reviews and people recommend using a different brush, but I'd rather have each brush for every pot, rather than use the same one for all of them - so I'd have to wash it every few days.

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