Monday, 13 December 2010

Bad and good reviews

Expect surprises
This weekend we went to see The Tourist. I'm not a fan of Angelina Jolie. I've always belonged to the Jennifer Aniston camp and always will. However, after watching Changeling I saw her more as an actress, rather than a celebrity with husband's blood in a phial around her neck. And surprisingly, even though in The Tourist a second leading role plays Johnny  Depp, it was Angelina's portrait of Elise that convinced me. Johnny Depp's  flimsy performance just didn't sell his character - I could see him as an actor playing the role, not an actual person he played. 

I've read the movie's review in The Sunday Times and as usual - it has only two stars while I enjoyed it. No matter who is reviewing the movies the only advice The Sunday Times gives me is to check out movies with the least stars. I don't know how these people measure the cinema. Apparently, it should be innovative, modern with a twist of being old-fashioned and at the same time a breakthrough. Thankfully, the book reviews are usually alright. For the next week in a row I've found a worrying trend - that the top ten of the best-selling hardback copies are ALL memoirs of some kind of celebrity Z-list stars (OK, there is one A-list - member of The Rolling Stones, but that's it). Who is reading those "books" written by comics and entertainers with a really ugly front-cover?

And yesterday I've watched the final of The X Factor - just like other 20 million people. Matt Cardle won, I'm very happy - I was supporting him from the beginning.  Especially after he sang Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" or "First time ever I saw Your face" in a more than perfect way. He was mentored by Dannii Minogue, who for me is a role-model. Although people say that we shouldn't  vote for people just because they are mentored by a particular judge, the reality is a little bit different. It's the end of  The X Factor saga for now, Dom-dom will be free to go on dates on weekend's evenings (she is addicted to the show and NEVER misses an episode!), I'll be able to go to the cinema without regrets and the gossip columns will be full of the new details of the wannabies' lives.

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