Friday, 3 December 2010

Beginning of December

I'm staying indoors for most of the week, because I feel I am in a pre-cold state and I REALLY don't want to be ill. Outside everyday are the minus-something temperatures, but there is very little snow. Barely over 5cm while AW told me that in Kent there is over 50cm. And it is. I saw the pictures she posted online. Not fair. But I'm not gonna spoil my morning thinking about that. Boyfriend went to work everyday this week, but he is alone in such behaviour - half of his office is empty and one of his colleagues has a broken ankle, because he slipped on the ice on the very first day of snowing (and his girlfriend was too scared to drive him to the hospital - even though he was in pain - because there was so much snow. I'm not complaining - I'm just saying). 

I'm starting to think about presents for Christmas. Usually I have a huge problem what to get for Boyfriend and I don't think it's going to be any easier this year. I also HAVE TO buy rest of the Christmas cards this weekend and send them on Monday. I'll put on some Christmas carols, write nice wishes and try to find my Address Book. If I'd have my card-making kit I would have done most of them myself, but since it is in storage I'm stuck with purchased. But writing Christmas cards, snow and decorations all around make me feel happy that the Christmas is coming! I'm not kidding myself - I know that I'm not gonna go to Poland and I won't see my parents, Krecik, my family and friends. But at least I have Boyfriend here and other friends and we'll try to make most of it.

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