Friday, 17 December 2010

I didn't sleep well this night. Boyfriend was out having a Christmas party and came back around 6.30am. He spent 4 hours in a hospital with a colleague, who tripped when leaving the club and broken her leg! They waited for one hour for an ambulance and finally had to take a cab.

I'm not feeling good these days. Combination of homesickness, no job and festive atmosphere around does not help me at all. It may sound selfish, because it probably is, but I hate that people around are happy, I hate that they are complaining about work or telling me that they have to find a second job for weekends, because they'd love ti have extra cash. I hate thinking about my life over and over again and regretting that I've studied what I studied. I hate that I can't turn back time.

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  1. The festive season is always the worst time for me to feel homesick, I hope you can find some things to cheer you up.

    It's also a really bad time to be looking for a job so don't dispair. I can remember when Mr Piglet and I moved back to the UK we both started search for work in Nov but no-one would even start interviewing us until late January.

    Fingers crossed that you find something soon, in the meantime try and enjoy Christmas as much as you can but don't get bogged down if you can't, just do something else you enjoy instead.


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