Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day

Today I'm not feeling very well and we've stayed home chillaxing (as ECH says). Due to the Skype-internet problems I haven't talked to my parents much, so I called home and Mother was like OK, OK, we're busy, we've baked some cake and everything's fine. I never thought this day would come when my parents actually didn't have a single fight during the holidays. Usually the pattern is like that: serenity before storm, lightnings, fireworks, more fireworks and back to love is all around. I can't believe they are actually getting along! It feels so good to know that and I just hope I haven't jinxed it!

We were planning to take a walk around London today, but because I feel really miserable we've put it of until Tuesday. Tomorrow we're going to the shopping centre to maybe catch some bargains - unless everything is sold out, because as far as I know there's shopping MADNESS in the UK at the moment. Boxing Day is a Sale Day - similar to the American Black Friday after Thanksgiving. On top of that, of course Transport for London aka tube workers decided to strike today and probably tomorrow - we still can get to the city, but I don't want to image what's going on there.

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