Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Strolling alone

I went to collect NYE tickets today. Of course there was some drama, because they were unsure if I only reserved them or booked and paid. I've never been there - we were planning to go there with the girls countless times, but never actually got there - but my first impression wasn't so great. At least as good as I hoped. Anyway, I'll keep in mind that the place doesn't make the party, only people and that you can have the best of times with the cheesiest songs on the planet if the people are fantastic. What I LOVE to do next morning when I wake up after every party is to check out all the pictures I made. To say the least, I've made some enemies on Facebook throughout the years. I can't wait for the NYE pictures. It's going to be crazy!

Later I went for a walk around London. I was in no hurry and for the first time in years (!) I was strolling alone around the city with no purpose or agenda. It was great. I didn't even realize how much I needed it. It reminded me how I actually love to live here.

Christmas Tree on Trafalgar Square

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