Sunday, 5 December 2010

I'm sad but My First Banner cheered me up a little

I'm not feeling very good this weekend. I have a headache, a little sore throat and in overall I'm not feeling good at all. In addition, I had to break news today to Mother and say that I won't be home for Christmas. I know she is keeping her brave face but underneath she is heartbroken. I feel so sorry, I feel so sad. We're talking that I'll come for Easter... It is so long to wait. So long...

I just wish I have a job so I could FINALLY start to plan my life. I'm one of those who like to plan and make lists. I like to be organised, have Year Planner and little cute Notebooks. I want to be able to plan what I'm going to do and when.

After a couple of hours spent in front of the monitor, suffering pain in my neck, countless mistakes made in Gimp and time-consuming looking through the websites to find perfect embellishments I have made my first and very own banner! I hope you'll like it, because I absolutely LOVE it!

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