Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I started reading today one of my presents from Santa - book: "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I've heard about it long time ago, but never got a chance to actually buy it and read it. There is even the movie with Julia Roberts based on this book and as I always prefer to read first and watch later - I knew that I had to put the book on my Santa List. 

I haven't decided what to think... yet.
After reading the reviews in The Times and hearing Oprah saying that the book is "the bible for XXI century woman" I was expecting a lot. I think I expected a little too much and so far, the book is not really delivering. Maybe I am too young, maybe I don't understand. I think the fundamental issue is that I am not really fan of the author - I do not like her as a person she is. Of course, I will give her a chance (I still have 2/3 of book to read), but so far - it's not so good. The book reminds me a little bit (or maybe it's only the similar story) about another million-copies-sold bestseller: "Under the Tuscan Sun" written by Frances Mayes. I wonder what will happen to Elizabeth Gilbert when her journey takes her further. I hope she'll choose smart, because so far, for me, her portrait is a little bit of a spoiled brat.

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  1. I thought I was going to love EPL, but I could not get past the first 30 or so pages. The main character just irked me to no end. I, too, thought she was a spoiled, self-centered brat and couldn't care less what happened to her.
    I thought there was something wrong with me because everyone seemed to be swooning over this book - but after reading dozens of reviews on, I realized I was not alone. It's a book people strongly like or strongly dislike. And based on what I read, I'm in the latter category!


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