Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas shopping etc.

Yesterday I went crazy. I got really stressed out, because I have been behind with sending applications (I needed a break from it and there not that many anyway). I just couldn't fall asleep, so I got up and send around 60. Honestly, I MUST have some superpowers. There's no other explanation - whole wide UK is deep asleep and I'm applying on a Sunday night. Soy loca. Today I got two phone calls from agents - my CV will be forwarded, so at least it is going somewhere.

It was a productive day - I went to the Post Office to collect my Amazon order. Finally. Then coming back I decided to go and buy Christmas presents. Naively thinking that it's Monday and it's not going to be crowded in the shopping centre. As usual, I was delusional. There was so much people I barely made it to River Island and Boots! I somehow managed not to go mad in there and when I came back I've even wrapped in paper all the presents! (I also hid them - some are in the drawer covered by my socks and the other half is in the wardrobe under the summer clothes.) Oh, how I enjoy giving presents! Shh, don't tell the Boyfriend, but I've bought him THE BEST present - a binary watch. Perfect for IT guy! Ha!

I've also booked tickets for the New Year's Eve party. This year I'm gonna dance, drink be wasted and say bonjour to the New Year in Sway. Apparently, a lot of people are coming. For me, the most important thing is that my closest friends are going to be there. It is pretty sad, but I've never, ever had a great NYE. Most of them were boring and more boring and I've never properly celebrated it. I feel that I desperately need it this year. To enter 2011 with a new energy, surrounded by friends and laughter. So I can find my inner-power and strength. So next year can be a better year.

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