Sunday, 19 December 2010


Yesterday I had everything planned - cleaning, Post Office (my amazon order FINALLY came after two weeks of waiting), shopping, storage unit and Christmas lights, cinema and a good dinner. We ended up doing nothing of the above. There was a snow storm. And then more snow with a cold wind. Boyfriend went only to the nearest store for the essentials and that was it. On top of that battery in the car went dead (that's what happens when Boyfriend no longer uses the car everyday to go to work) and I was pretty sure that was it. Possibility to pay for a new battery was just a final straw. In the end it worked out for the best that we didn't drive anywhere - cars abandoned on the streets, small accidents and all that. 

Today battery was charged and despite snow on the ground off we went - at least to get Christmas light and for a walk near the reservoir. Because the car doesn't have snow tires it was going from side to side when not driving on the main roads. And when it came to coming home - last few meters going uphill - the car just stopped responding and I had to sit behind the wheel and Boyfriend was pushing. Honestly, for a moment I thought that we're not gonna make it.
London today
Walk in the park was great. We planned to build a little snowman, like we do every year, but because the air is so icy, the snow is dry and you can't even make a snowball, let alone a snowman. Sniff, sniff. Maybe it'll get better in a couple of days. There weren't many people and only few came with the dogs - a very calm Sunday. Even the reservoir is covered with ice and you can see little footsteps of ducks and swans on it. And now Boyfriend is preparing dinner, I'm drinking hot cup of tea with lemon and I have The Sunday Times to read.


  1. I miss the Sunday Times so much! It's amazing to see London as being all snowy, not something I was ever used to when I was growing up in the UK :(

  2. I'm looking forward to coming to the snowy UK in a few days time. Just hope Stansted airport stay open!

    I've tagged you in a post on my blog - don't feel obliged to play along I just thought it'd be fun to know more about you

    x x

  3. Cozied up at home with a hot cuppa and The Sunday Times sounds pretty good to me :-)

  4. @Piglet - If you have an IPad apparently you can get digital version of The Sunday Times. Each issue is almost covered in these ads. London is very much snowed in and there's more on the way!

    @Sarah Elizabeth - Thank you for tagging, I'll be happy to answer the questions, because I love all these answer chains ;) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I know that Heathrow is most affected and there's more snow on the way....

    @Sarah Louise - Yeah, I love The Sunday Times! :) xox

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