Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day

It is official. I ate WAY too much. I feel I need special Joey-pants* and I need them now. Boyfriend commented on this by saying that the only reason we ate too much is simply because the food is so delicious. Well, it is! But we didn't eat proper dinners today and yesterday - simply because it is not physically impossible - there's not space left. Not even for one tiny sip of tea. So now it is time to get up, go outside to visit local swans and gooses at Reservoir and for a change - feed someone else - not only ourselves! Merry Christmas!

We came back with cold feet and red faces. It's cold outside. Like freezing cold. And despite our best attempts the birds were not interested in yesterday-baked bread! There are only two theories behind this - either they are fussy eaters and prefer cake rather than plain bread OR they're also so mega-hiper-full like we are. Nevertheless, we had a walk, saw a beautiful sunset and... saw a fox! A real, furry creature - how great is that!

Now Boyfriend is drinking mulled wine and eating gingerbread cookies and we're listening to Christmas Carols.

Merry, Merry Christmas!

* For those who don't know this episode - Phoebe brought Rachel her maternity pants - ugly patchwork with elastic rubber instead of proper belt. During Thanksgiving Joey had to eat whole turkey and in the middle, he put these pants on, so he could have more room!

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